React & Wheel Wand Wheel Cleaning Kit

React & Wheel Wand Wheel Cleaning Kit



The safest way to clean your wheels, our React Iron Remover & 3 Piece wheel wand set, ensureing the dirt & brake dust build up is removed without removing your protection or damaging the finish.

The kit consists of:

  • – React Iron Remover (Available in 500ml or 1L)
  • – 24mm Sprayer Head
  • – 3 Piece Merino Wool/Carbon Fibre Wheel Wand Set


The new formulation is thicker, allowing for a longer dwell period as well as a revised scent neutralizer, creating a more pleasant scent.

Our acid free reactive wheel cleaner is a powerful pH neutral formula, safe to use on nearly all exterior surfaces & finishes, it contains a special agent which reacts when it comes into contact with ferrous particles.

The fast acting formula effectively dissolves dirt and iron deposits for easy removal.

Directions for use:

  • – When applying to wheels ensure they are cool to the touch before application.
  • – Spray React directly onto the surface.
  • – Allow to dwell for 2-3 minutes, colour change will indicate particle neutralisation.
  • – For stubborn areas agitate with a brush during the dwell period.
  • – Heavily soiled wheels may require a extended dwell time.


Wheel Wands

Our newly updated three piece Wheel Wand set has been re-designed to a higher quality, with new longer wool brush heads, stronger glue & hot foil branding.

Designed to tackle even the most intricate of wheels, unlike traditional brushes, our Wheel Wands are created from the finest Merino wool,  safe on even the most delicate of finishes, the deep wool pile lifts dirt away from the surface into the long fibres, preventing damage to the surface

Agility is the key with any wheel brushes, our minimalistic handles allow you to manoeuvre the heads into the smallest nooks and crannies with no restrictions, created from Carbon Fibre they are incredibly strong and can withstand large amounts of pressure.

  • – Large 14″ 14mm Wand
  • – Medium 14″ 12mm Wand
  • – Small  8″ 8mm Wand

These Wheel Wands work great with shampoo’s,  snow foams and Neutral PH wheel cleaners, steer clear of strong TFR’s,Wheel Cleaners & Chemicals (these can cause the Merino Wool heads and glue to disintegrate)




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500ML, 1L


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